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Charitie Ropati studies at the intersections of permafrost, plant ecology and social and cultural resilience in Alaska. I am also Alaska Native and do work on the Co-Production of Knowledge  as a member of the Earth Network at Columbia's Climate School.

Arctic Cirlce.heic

Her work and pedagogy has been presented at conferences worldwide, including the 2023 Arctic Circle Assembly in Iceland.  


2022 Long Term Ecological Research All Scientist's Meeting 

Received a National Science Foundation LTER Undergraduate Fellowship. 

In-person meetings with faculty, graduate stuents and post-docs.

Highly selective fellowship with all expenses covered in full.

Awarded 1st place in the REU competition for my presentation and performance at the 2022 LTER ASM.

Received a cash award and a ESA membership subscription.


Articles & Press

Screen Shot 2023-02-05 at 2.33.23 AM.png
Image by Tanya Kusova

Stimulated Effects of Climate Change on Fireweed Photosynthesis

Link to Abstract

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