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11 Indigenous Youth Making a Difference in Their Communities

"To honor Indigenous youth of marginalized genders making a difference in their communities, here are interviews with 11 outstanding people you should know. This list is in no way exhaustive. But language is a powerful tool for celebration and sharing community. And given that storytelling is many of our first and most cherished love languages as Indigenous young people, it only makes sense as the way to uplift and celebrate these changemakers."

-Kinsale Drake


Evidence of Hope: America's Youth - Town & Country 

"If there has ever been any question whether youth and wisdom can coexist, these young activists and first-time voters put it to rest. So set aside your pessimism, your cynicism, your fatigue: The kids are all right, and they know what it takes to make a more perfect union."


The Women the 19th Ammendment Left Behind 

Teen Vogue Cover - To mark the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, The Uncounted is a series that elevates the stories of women of color who have been disenfranchised and often written out of history.


In The Know Honors - Yahoo Inc

"Charitie Ropati, a member of the Native Village of Kongiganak who is fighting against Native American erasure from history books, is an advocate for Indigenous students’ education. According to the National Congress of American Indians, Native youth face some of the lowest high school graduation rates nationwide, with even fewer continuing on to enroll in and graduate from college. Education, as well as accurate historical representation, is crucial for the future of Native American communities. Ropati is combating this educational issue by developing a new curriculum that is more inclusive of the Indigenous perspective, acknowledging the violence and atrocities they have faced" throughout history."


2019 Center for Native American Youth Champion for Change

The 2019 Champions for Change serve as representatives of the next generation of leaders in Indian Country. From Alaska to Connecticut to Washington the 2019 Champions have advocated for issues important to them.


Charitie Ropati - The Blue & White

Campus Characters - Blue & White 


Indigenous Peoples Day:Tranformative Teaching

How is teaching a form of activism? This Indigenous Peoples' Day program highlights Native youth who are incorporating Indigenous voices in K-12 education and promoting inclusive conversations in our nation's classrooms. - Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian


Review: Dare to Learn edited by Malala Fund

A collection of 25 personal essays written by young women from various parts of the world. Edited by Malala Fund and published anthology.


Welcome to the third cohor of the Public Voices Fellowship on the Climate Crisis - Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

The 20 fellows demonstrate high-powered thought leadership in a variety of ways. Some speak for a younger generation, others bring the wisdom of decades of experience. Some engage faith communities, and others advocate for vulnerable, or historically underrepresented, communities. They all seek solutions.


I was tired of learning history that refused to acknowledge my people - Assembly | Malala Fund - March 2020

18 year old Charitie Ropati writes about her work developing Native centric curriculum

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